Driveways, Walkways, And Steps

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Driveways, Walkways and Steps

Beautiful Stonework That Can Enhance Curb Appeal

These are functional hardscaping elements of landscaping. Done with proper planning, the right materials and construction, they can be remain usable for many years. Safety is also an important consideration for all structures used for people to walk, sit or stand on. It is critical that these features are able to bear the anticipated amount of load, prevents slipping and tripping and offers guard rails or other features that prevent falls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn About Building Driveways, Walkways and Steps

What materials do you use in to build driveways, walkways and steps?
We use pavers and natural stone for the work. The choice of material may depend on the design, expected use, budget or customer preference.

What are the cost factors to consider?
The choice of material is major contributor. Stones tend to be more expensive than pavers. Another factor is the size and shape of the installation. The amount of prep work required before the pavers or stone can go down can also be a factor.

Do pavers need to be sealed?
Sealing he paver based hardscapes can prevent discoloration, keeps the sand in the joints and keeps the dirt out. Most importantly, it extends the life of the pavers.

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